Desktop Toys and Gadgets for Mac and Windows

eDeskToy ConceptA desktop enhancement for Mac or Windows should not be limited to a change of desktop wallpapers or user interface themes. Executive eDeskToy gadgets are expressions of beauty and intelligence. It is a perfect contribution to your collection of desktop decorations, customized icons, and mouse cursors.

Here is how the eDeskToy gadgets look like on your screen:

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Just imagine having series of software office gadgets which operation are not limited to the laws of physics. Such type of toys is now available on your computer rather on real office table. Due to the unique properties of the computer desktop few different toy types turn into surprising plenty desktop animations. There are not only classic desk toys but also various semi-transparent animated love hearts, fire flames, perpetuum mobiles, screenmates, abstractions and other unusual arrangements. There are Windows and MAC versions available.

Have you ever heard of smart desktop gadget? eDeskToy software is equipped with some kind of artificial intelligence. Such smart gadget behavior is provided by using the built-in scripts.

Start DeskToy software and you will be able to select and download variety of computer desk toys of the many great gadgets found on website. All sorts of special effects and desktop screenmates will transform minutes of doing nothing in a pleasant pastime.

eDeskToy TransparencyJust do the right button click on the animated toy to switch to another animation. If you want to switch your desktop into a riot of movement you can clone existing toys while opening the recent ones. Quite simply adjust toy animation transparency as well as to make the gadget are displayed on top of all windows. eDeskToy while workingSo your favorite desktoy will not leave you when working with any software or in the course of surfing the web. Online gadgets database regularly changed and updated so you can find new animations and screenmates quite often.

Very popular animated mechanisms that are intricate movements of their blades, gears, springs and screen pendulums which can take your attention for a long time.

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